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Game Review “Hay Day”

This is an excellent review of one of the best ‘Farming Game’ by our guest contributor Mr. Shivam Arora.

Hay Day is all about Farming and if you are big fan of simulation games and also love to play farming games then this is for you. Here you are a farmer and managing each and everything related to your farm. In my experience, I can only say that this is actually the best Farming Game that you will ever played in mobile gaming experience. Some of the key features are highlighted below:

Feed Your Animals
This games allow you to feed your Animals like cow, goat, chickens and many more and get the milk from Cow or Eggs from chicken. It takes time to produce it. In the mean time you can harvest your Crops that might have grown and can make different products.

Varieties of Crops Available

There are total 21 crops available in this game which will be unlocked at each level. You can grow and harvest them and can sell them at your own specific price but it have limits for maximum price. Each crops takes specific time for growing the crops like Wheat takes just 2 minutes while Tomatoes take much time.

Various Machines Available For Producing Different Product

Yes, You heard it right ! In this game you will get to know about so many Machines that are available in this to make different products and then you can sell them on Roadside Shop or can even complete that tasks by producing product according to needs.

You can complete achievement and can earn Experience Points (XP) which helps you in increasing level and can also Earn Diamond which are not easily available in the game.

Orders Board
You will get two options to complete your orders: Truck and Ship. You can complete open orders if specified products are available in your stock and eventually earn Coins and XP. Truck orders are available in board, once you complete all the orders for a Ship, you have to tap on ‘Go’ option which will earn you Coins, Voucher and XP.Screenshot_2016-08-26-23-59-32-1600x900.jpg

In this game, you have to store all those items which you have produced or have harvest. There are two type storage building available; Barn Storage and Silo Storage.

– Barn Storage
Some of the produces like corn, wheat, potatoes, carrot gets stored directly into Barn Storage. But it has its limit in terms of storage capacity. You can increase this capacity by acquiring Bolts, Planks and Duct Tapes. These items are available for buying once you complete levels else you can get from others’ farms or their roadside shops that you visit. These are rare items that you can purchase with coins you have earned from selling products.

– Silo Storage
It’s same as Barn Storage but it stores all those products that you produce using machines or items like bolts, planks, nails etc. They too have limited storage capacity but it can be increased by acquiring Nails, Screws and Wood Panels.

Coins, Diamonds and Vouchers
Coins and diamonds are the denomination and you can use these for purchasing things from shops. Diamonds are difficult to get but you can get them through achievements; watching ads also can also get you diamonds. Diamonds are also useful for growing your crops faster or for speeding up production of each product.:)

Roadside Shops

This is the shop which has your name that you can change anytime and can specify any name of your choice. Here you can trade your products at your own prices which you like to sell. Whenever required, you can adjust your prices.

Last Helper, Follower and Friends
– Last Helper
are those players who helped you like You have complete all your orders of boat except one then you can make it complete by others and those person will see the sign of Help! In newspaper and can help you. There are millions of people who are playing this game so definitely, someone will help you.

– Follower: You can even follow others’ farm too. If you like them too much or if you find that they sell items mostly at low price then it will be a better for you.

– Friends: These are yours friends that are connected to Facebook and are following you. You can ask for help whenever you want help.

Expansion of Farm Land
As you level up, you need more land to increase your produce and also you need space for new machines. You have to have these three rare items that you can collect by increasing your production. Once you increase production, you will be rewarded equally. Three items required for expanding farm land are:

1. Land Deed
2. Mallet
3. Marker

Once you get all these required items then you can expand your farm to limited area. Repeat the whole process again to further increasing the farm land area.

Neighborhood Derby
Derby are challenges that are announced every week or even a month and if you complete Orders then you will get rewards like axe which can be used for trashing old tree which can’t grow Fruits on it anymore. Or anything like that. Of Course, you will get XP and coins too for completing tasks and it’s kind of team effort too as Neighborhood who are your team members can also complete tasks and can reach higher in Derby task than others that are indicated by horses.

Load Cargo
This is about Ship as we can load all those products are being asked us to load in ship. It’s also shown in advance that it will take how much hour’s in arriving of ship and what products it’s asking us to load in it so that in advance we produce or arrange those items in well advance for completing the ship order. We can take help from Other’s too in completing our orders. Once you complete all order then you can tap on go option to make it ship then you will get vouchers and XP for completing all orders.


This is something amazing and will give you the feeling of realistic play that you can published your products that are on the Roadside shop for trading. Once you published the product then that item will appeared on Newspaper.

Post Box / Gifts Catalog
When you help Other’s farmer then you get Gifts voucher every morning at your own post box which are being delivered by postman. Once you click on post box, you will see a Gift catalog and can purchase items that can only be possible if you have those coupons.

We can help others and can take their help
This is something that you all like as it’s free to play game and hence you can help Other’s too by visiting their farm and can see HELP! Sign On trees or on Boats and this will give you an opportunity to increase the XP or voucher for your farm by helping Other’s so don’t forget to help others farmer too as it’s helpful for you too.


It’s a in game features that allow us to collect different varieties of fish and can also expand fishing area. We can make different products with the help of fish and can earn xp and coins too by selling them as it’s just like selling Milk products of cow.

This is also an ‘In Game’ feature that is something amazing along with farming, we have towns too. Town can only be unlocked when you are at level # 80.

I like this thing about Hay day as we can decorate our very own farm and can make it beautiful more than others. We can purchase decorative items from Shop and can also store those decorative items which we don’t needed anymore. So guys play it, Earn it and then Make it beautiful, your very own Farm.

From this section, you get information like your farm name, number of trucks delivered, number of folllower etc.

In this game, there are about 32 machines, 10 type of trees, 10 animals and 8 pets.

2. COW
3. PIG


These can only be purchased with the help of Vouchers.


That’s all i can say that it’s amazing game with amazing graphics and real sound effects; best free game available in play store and app store.

Check out the trailer of this game

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