Gadget Mobile 

World’s First Smartphone With Thermal Camera

Southwest Technology Solutions Ltd announced the CAT®S60, the world’s first smartphone with integrated thermal imaging, and the world’s most waterproof smartphone. The CAT S60 includes an embedded thermal camera from FLIR, the global leader in thermal imaging technology, allowing Cat S60 users to be the first in the world to use their smartphones for a multitude of use cases, including: detecting heat loss around windows and doors, spotting moisture and missing insulation, identifying over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry, finding leaks in underfloor heating and seeing through obscurants like smoke. The thermal camera…

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Computing Gadget 

WD released 314 GB PiDrive

Last year, Western Digital introduced a 1TB USB-native hard drive designed for use with the Raspberry Pi. This year, for Pi Day, they unveiled a new, cheaper model. To get the price down, they reduced the capacity of the new PiDrive. This model packs comes in 314 GB capacity and is retailing for $31.42 or ~Rs. 2,100 in honor of Pi Day. The PiDrive is a 7mm, 2.5-inch hard drive that ships with an integrated USB 3.0 port instead of the SATA connectors you’d normally see on a drive like this. Western Digital…

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