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Game Review “The Dark Knight Rises”

Dear friends, here is a quick review of one of the most popular Android games, “The Dark Knight Rises” by our guest contributor Mr. Tushar Jindal.

About the Game
As you all have watched “The Dark Knight Rises (Movie) directed by Christopher Nolan in 2012. It is the third Movie in this series after Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. This game is totally based on this Movie. This game is developed by Gameloft. It is an open world environment game and It Is totally inspired by the Batman’s Arkham city console games.

So without wasting time, lets touch base some of the highlights of this game.

Story line and game play
The story line of this game is very simple. You are the Batman in the game and you have save Gotham city from the evil powers and it’s villain Bane. The story of the game is based on the movie but it has something extra to do which never happens in movie.

The game play of this game is very cool. In this game, you find yourself running, gliding and roaming in the Gotham city. You can go for 27 missions in 7 different chapters. Every mission has it’s separate story and objectives like save the hostages, defuse the bomb or beat the enemy. In every mission, you will get credits which you can use for buying the high tech gadgets meany for none other than the Batman. Each mission has its objective and you have to achieve that particular objective to complete the mission.

There are few hidden games within this game. Game in a game; that’s interesting, isn’t it? In some level you have to hack the switches for entering the room or a building. Hacking the switches is a puzzle which you have to solve in a limited time. Below of the sample to show you one of the puzzle which you have to solve for hacking the switches.


Graphics and sound
The graphics of the game is fantastic and very cool. The open world environment makes this game very cool. The HD 3D graphics are so amazing that you can see every details of the Gotham city. Most of the time, it is raining in the game and the drops of water gives it greater looks. The best thing about the game is the ‘City’ which Gameloft’s designers have created for this game.

The city looks so real that you will forgot your own surrounding and get lost in the game. When you play this game, you surely get surprised that how much details it has got. The sound of this game is good and crystal clear. If you want to experience the sound of the dark knight rises, play it with headphones. The sound of the game has perfect bass and when the bomb explode it’s like boom. Voice synthesizers are used in this game so that the voice of the villain’s sounds heavy and real.

Control and Moves

The controls of the game are so simple and handy that you can easily play this game. There is a virtual joystick by using which you can walk / roam around Gotham city. During combat, you have to press a button again and again to punch your enemies and batman changes his moves automatically. The slow motion moves of batman look amazing. One button is for throwing the Batarang on your enemies. There is also a button to glide and the virtual joystick helps in changing the direction too.

Lets have a look at how the Batman glides, the gliding is the best way to roam and feel the beauty of Gotham.

Gadgets you can use in game
You also can use following gadgets for Batman (you in this case):

Batarang: you can throw this Batarang to kill the enemies which are far away from you.
Grapple Gun:
you can use this gun for grappling but you can grapple up to 70 meters only.
Batpod: you can use the Batpod (the bike of batman) for roaming around the city faster. Lets have a look how it moves through the city.

This gadgets is added first time in any batman series game. For faster experience of Gotham from the height, use Batwing (the plane of Batman). Watch the how it speeds through city of Gotham:

Closing Comments
I think that it is one of the best game which can be played on android and iOS devices. If you are a Batman fan and want to play PlayStation like games on phones, this is for you. If you want the best graphic and sound experience or if you want to ‘live’ the game and want to be a Superhero like Batman, please play this game.

This is paid game and can be bought for Rs. 420 from Play store.

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